It's funny how a few simple words can change your life. Let's rewind. In 2007, I started filming my life and posting it on YouTube, not out of vanity, but simply to document important moments (and other not so important moments i.e. random trips to Starbucks). I became the guy who had a camera with him at all times. When I got a call from the co-worker of a family friend asking to shoot her daughter's wedding, I jumped at the opportunity. Don't tell anyone, but at this point, I would have done it for free. Fast forward to after the wedding- instead of just filming it and burning a DVD, I decided to make my first wedding highlight video (it's still one of my favorites to this day). It was that moment when I decided I was too legit to quit. I filmed eight more weddings after that, but near the end of the last wedding, the photographer had to leave early and left me in charge of taking photos of the grand departure. "Um, okay, cool. No pressure." I went home and started editing the few photos I took, and that's when I realized I was meant to be a photographer and the transition from "Alex Bare Productions" to "Alex Bare Photography" was underway.

"I'll pay you $200 to film my daughter's wedding."


I'm Alex.

Hello, friend! I'm Alex. 

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